Little Girl With Puppies #3: A photo where Taliah our granddaughter is on the floor of our sunroom playing with the puppies.

Puppies Rocko & Bandit: My wife has taken some terrific photos of our Granddaughter and all the 7 new Chihuahua mixed puppies my Chihuahua mom had a couple of months ago.

Little Girl and Puppies 2: One or more of these are going to be done larger as presents of gallery sales and prints.

New and Current Work involves the process and the stages of the final finish.

I exhibit my final study stage in the Artisan's Gallery in Big Bear and the ones I feel will make the best finishes go on to the final stage of full size (scaled) either acrylic or oil on board or canvas.

I will include videos and pics of work in progress.

This page and the accompanying page New and Current Work II will be a very fluid area.

Puppy Daisy: Is a photo of one of the seven when she was old enough to come up on our bed.

Miles To Go Before We Eat: This is almost finished and started as a Birch Tree Painting then I saw three wolves that blended into the scene and put them in and thought the title would be a fun play on words.

Here Kitty

Top Town, T and Me.

Contact me at loumarek@theartofloumarek.comor text at 909-609-4772

Little Girl and Puppies 1

Here Kitty:Portrait of my step son Sean when he was a very young lad.

Little Girl and Puppies 3

Painted interior doors.

Puppies Rocko and Bandit

Miles To Go Before We Eat

Top Town, T & Me: Is a line rendering of a photo taken of my Granddaughter and me walking around while Grandma's tires were being replaced for the winter.

Little Girl and Puppies 1: This is a photo of Taliah looking out over our second story and the puppies want to follow.

The FINE Art Of Lou Marek

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Painted Interior Doors: These represent two of my doors on the bedroom floor but I have a great fondness for painting doors and have done a large number of them.

Puppy Dixie

Little Girl and Puppies 2