The FINE Art Of Lou Marek

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POLO HOOVES: This is part of my polo exhibition series and is 40"x 30" and will be an acrylic on canvas showing the energy and struggle in a close up of the hooves and rider's boots etc.

The Aftermath/Nightwatch: This is a large painting depicting the first cold and raining night after the Battle Of Little Big Horn where the only living survivor, Comanche, stayed amongst the dead.

New and Current Work II

Custer's Battle

My granddaughter's stairwell gate to her bedroom of fantastic figures.

Custer's Battle: This is a large image painted in Acrylic on canvas that shows the battle of Custer's Last Stand but all the combatants are Custer in their various dress - Indians are all Custer and the soldiers are all Custer.

Calloden, Scotland

The NightWatch

NEW: Three Small Space Ads For The Gallery In Big Bear. Text: (909-609-4772).