New and Current Work II

My granddaughter's stairwell gate to her bedroom of fantastic figures.

Calloden, Scotland

POLO HOOVES: This is part of my polo exhibition series and is 40"x 30" and will be an acrylic on canvas showing the energy and struggle in a close up of the hooves and rider's boots etc.

The FINE Art Of Lou Marek

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Custer's Battle: This is a large image painted in Acrylic on canvas that shows the battle of Custer's Last Stand but all the combatants are Custer in their various dress - Indians are all Custer and the soldiers are all Custer.

NEW: Three Small Space Ads For The Gallery In Big Bear. Text: (909-609-4772).

The Aftermath/Nightwatch: This is a large painting depicting the first cold and raining night after the Battle Of Little Big Horn where the only living survivor, Comanche, stayed amongst the dead.

Custer's Battle

The NightWatch