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I called my company MURAL MURAL ON THE WALL! We Are The Fairest Of Them All!  Got a letter from Disney to cease and desist. DIdn't.

I was one of the only decorative painting artists in the early 90's, on the west side, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades and then branched out to the San Fernando valley where I worked on two famous Designer Showcase homes. This is where an expensive home would open itself up to many decorators to come in and take one room and design the heck out of it. This in turn received a lot of press. I got a Study, Master bedroom and ensuite. This led to my working for a large music company in Hollywood where I produced many interior murals and the owner's home which was a registered landmark and the past home of Humphrey Bogart.

In turn this led to all sorts of private client work with the Hollywood elite and my work got into a documentary about Hollywood. I painted murals for actors, producers, directors plus NBC studios and the dressing rooms of Days of our Lives which got on to the NBC tour, so on and on.

I was so busy I couldn't believe the interest. I started out saying to myself I will never say no to any job. This became harder and harder to adhere to, the work got more and more outrageous. 

MMOTW ran for 13 years. I painted indoor, outdoor murals for corporations, such as NBC, Symantec, to name a few, retail stores, private homes, etc..

I primarily worked in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades. My murals also went out of state in the form of large installation canvases. I oversaw their installation in some cases. As far away as New York City.

Perhaps my most interesting assignment was from a builder in Connecticut that wanted to build a home in a historic part of a small community and sitting next to their landmark Lighthouse.

The client had me paint the house to exact scale using his architectural drawings and his color schemes then I blew it up to 70' by 36' had it printed on a special outdoor canvas here in LA and shipped to the site where the client had a construction crew attach it to a scaffold that they positioned in front where the house would stand. It ran in the New York Times and the town acquiesced. 

This is a 5'x5' painted on the wall mural of Vincent Van Gogh's bedroom where he fought and lost his ear. (One Version). This was commissioned by a lead actress on the soap, Days Of Our Lives in her dining room.

The FINE Art Of Lou Marek

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This was a work commissioned by an American Yogi and he had the finished piece 18'x6' hung in his kitchen!!

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